Sunday, December 05, 2004

Fences and Windows

For those of us whoare in need of a crash course in the real agenda of "globalism", I recommend Naomi Klein's "Fences and Windows"

For me, the most striking passage in the book was a quote from the Canadian Trade Minister, Pierre Pettigrew, who said "the victims [of globalization] are not only exploited, theyre excluded ... You may be in a situation where you are not needed to create that wealth. This phenomenon of exclusion is far more radical than the phenomenon of exploitation". I think this is at the core to objections to globalization: it tends to put "useless" people on the trash heap, sometimes entire populations at a time. Economic policies are rammed down the throats of common people with the unstated (and false) assumption that economic "growth" and "progress" will somehow "trickle down" to welfare of the common person. Associated with this is the "trust us" mentality of the poweful players who push aside democratic institutions to "save" countries whose economies are in trouble, often due to earlier rounds of globalization.


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